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Our Health & Wealth Stories

Nancy's Young Living Story

Our journey into Young Living Essential Oils came down to sheer necessity. In 2005 the local Texas allergens hit my family like a tornado. We drove desperately to the ER many times. It was a very difficult year with ineffective allergy medications and perpetual antibiotics.

In 2006 it was very evident that none of the medications were working. We had contracted MRSA/staph infections from our many ER visits. The ER doctor lanced the huge boil and painfully squeezed out pus while my child screamed and bucked as two nurses held her down. I will never forget that sight. I realized that modern medicine had failed our family.

Then in August, I attended a homeschool conference where Debra Raybern (Young Living Royal Crown Diamond) taught alternatives to toxic cleaners, medicines and personal care products. I signed up as a Young Living Independent Distributor out of a desperate need to find health for my family.

I made a salve of olive oil, honey and Young Living’s Oregano oil and applied it to my child. After being unable to sleep for several nights, she slept without pain! At the next appointment I told the PA what I had put on the infection. “You can’t put honey on an infection,” she scolded, “You will draw bacteria into the wound!” I didn’t put the salve on my daughter at bedtime and she fussed and cried until 2 a.m. I finally put the salve on her and she went right to sleep. I kept reapplying the salve. Three days later, the PA commented, “I see you’ve been using the antibiotics.” I uncomfortably told her, “No, I’ve been using the honey/Oregano salve.” She looked amazed as told me that the wound was almost healed!

I realized that I’d found an effective alternative. We began to heal and become strong again by using Young Living essential oils. Our allergies subsided and the repeat staph infections stopped. As our lives transformed with Young Living , many of our friends joined us on our journey to natural health & wealth. It’s been a lifestyle change that I will always be grateful for.


Steve's Financial Story

Why is it my calling to help everyone I meet with their finances? All we have to do is look at the past 30 years of my life. When I was about 12, my dad said, “Son, you’re old enough to mow the lawn.”

So I started mowing our lawn. I didn’t enjoy it until one day my neighbor, Mr. Silverman, said, “Steve, you’re doing such a good job, why don’t you cut my lawn for $10.” $10! That was like $100 to me back then. I started my own lawn care business mowing lawns, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc. In high school, I was making and spending over $1,500 a month.

Dave Ramsey says that Stupid Taxes is money that you pay for making poor financial decisions. Unfortunately I’ve paid a lot of Stupid Taxes and it is my desire to help prevent others from paying unnecessary taxes.

My first Stupid Tax was not Saving. As a teen I spent all that I made and did not save a penny. With scholarships and help from my parents, I should have come out of college debt-free as an Army Second Lieutenant. My second Stupid Tax was credit cards. I amassed over $30,000 of debt while in college.

By the time I met and married Nancy, I still struggled because I had only dealt with the symptoms (debts) and not the root of the problem (spending). I began studying Christian financial principles and learned what God had to say about money. I started tithing, and learned that you cannot out give God.

I’m ashamed to say that I was the typical male and called Young Living Essential Oils, snake oils, until I discovered first hand how affective they are while I was deployed to OEF (Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan).

Having tried many different types of businesses, I believe Network Marketing offers the best opportunity for financial freedom. The leverage of working together with other like minded individuals, creates the business structure needed for wealth. Journey to Health & Wealth shares our simple 10 Step Plan To Health & Wealth ™ to help you and your family achieve your personal health & wealth goals.




Disclaimer: The views presented in this book are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Young Living. Journey To Healthy & Wealth is not sponsored or endorsed by Young Living or by D. Gary & Mary Young.