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Journey book

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Journey To Health & Wealth pocket edition

44 pgs booklet (5.5" x 3.5").

Great for including in an economical (<$5)

Welcome Packet or sharing with Prospects.

Pocket Editions





ranks 2


Rank Thermometers

1 Pack has 10 sets of each (8.5" x 11" pages).

Great for explaing Ranks and Goal Setting.


Number of Packs





abundance map


Abundance Maps

Have been update and are full size posters (11" x 17") that our book goes into greater detail.

Great for equipping your TEAM or sharing with Prospects.


Abundance Maps (11" x 17" posters)




Sarah Harnisch


Temporarily Sold Out - getting more made


Audio Book - 2 CD set

Super excited to announce that I've partnered with Sarah Harnisch to bring my book to life.

In addition to being a super rock start Diamond, she has a golden voice and has been on the radio for 16+ years.





2 for 1: Every copy of Journey To Health & Wealth you purchase, Mission Wealthy Warriors gets a "Paid For" copy of Waging War On Debt into the hands of our Military to kill debt & create wealth.


Nancy & Steve


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